Covaris and Bioz Have Partnered to Bring Data and Transparency to the Customer Experience

LOS ALTOS, CA, August 1, 2018 -

Bioz, Inc., a Silicon Valley AI data company, is proud to announce a new partnership with Covaris, Inc., the gold standard of DNA fragmentation in Next Generation Sequencing. By combining the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), Bioz enables the research/academic community to access real-world use-cases allowing Covaris to further corporate transparency, increase customer confidence, and improve the overall customer experience.

Research shows that product usage in journal publications is the number one driver for the purchase of experimental tools by life-science researchers. This insight becomes even more evident as the industry increasingly curates and markets peer-reviewed citations that mention their products. With this partnership, Covaris now displays the most recent and relevant citations on each of their product pages using live streamed Bioz Badges. These badges also feature the Bioz Stars score, an objective rating based on the concept of ZERO BIAS™. Bioz' proprietary AI software mines scientific articles for product-specific data, then structures that objective information to share best-practices, glean insights, and simplify the process of planning future research.

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@Covaris leverages @Bioz AI software to bring transparency and ensure user confidence through unbiased data.

About Bioz, Inc.

Bioz, Inc. offers the world's first search engine for life science experimentation. The patent-pending software platform combines the work of scientists with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), focused on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technology to help life scientists in academia and biopharma make faster and smarter experimentation decisions, ultimately speeding up drug discovery and increasing the rate of success in finding cures for diseases. Founded in 2013 by Stanford research scientist, Karin Lachmi, Ph.D., and CEO Daniel Levitt, Bioz is a Stanford-StartX accelerator company.Over one million researchers from academic institutions and biopharma companies in 195 countries use Bioz. Try Bioz at learn more about the Bioz Partner Program please reach out to

About Covaris, Inc.

Covaris provides tools and technologies to improve pre-analytical sample preparation, enable novel drug formulations, and manage compounds in the drug discovery process. The Covaris technological foundation is based on its proprietary and patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology. AFA enables a vast array of non-contact, isothermal processes to be developed for use in a broad range of applications in genomics, proteomics, cell biology, drug discovery, and formulation. Thousands of Focused-ultrasonicators are in use in over 30 countries and customers include the world's leading researchers, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.To learn more about Covaris and please reach out to