Unique insights that highlight market trends and visualize your competitive landscape.

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Benefit from Actionable Insights

Bioz data analytics reports are generated using Bioz’s deep-learning patent-pending AI software that analyzes and structures millions of life science articles. Financial institutions (hedge funds, private equity, and investment banks), and life science tool vendors, gain a significant information advantage when using the unique structured insights provided within each Bioz data analytics report.

The market data that Bioz structures is focused on life science products, assays, kits, tools, equipment and instruments that are used by researchers in academia and biopharma to perform experiments. The Bioz dataset includes over 5 billion structured data points that are associated with over 200 million products from 50,000 vendors.

Learn about Market Trends

Bioz brings you accurate market trend data that highlights the usage trends of your products. Reports include trend visualization via time-line charts, with all data points being available as exportable data tables.

Market trends

Competitive landscape

Visualize your Competitive Landscape

Bioz generates detailed analyses of the competitive landscape for all of your products, with product usage data displayed as time-line charts. Usage-share (similar to market-share) is also shown, which provides unique market penetration insights.

Available Data Analytics Reports

Each of the following data analytics reports can be customized according to your specifications, so as to include an analysis of the specific data set and date range in which you are interested.

  • Vendor-specific structured product usage data with timelines (all products, or keyword-based)
  • Competitor structured product usage data with timelines (all products, or keyword-based)
  • Article citation count for your products (with citation excerpts)
  • Related products with “commonly used together” structured data
  • Assay analytics for vendor-specific products
  • Protocol condition analytics for vendor-specific products
  • Demographic structured data for vendor-specific products
  • Modified reagent and biospecimen identification
  • Most popular product searches performed by researchers on Bioz
Each report can be priced separately. To purchase multiple reports, please contact us for more information and pricing. For monthly report data updates, we offer a monthly subscription that is priced as a subscription per month (with a 12-month commitment).

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