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Our partners benefit from sophisticated A.I. technologies, developed by Bioz, that increase sales, highlight branding, and generate traffic, coupled with dedicated Bioz support.
Watch your digital marketing ROI climb!
  • Increase sales conversion by displaying Bioz Badges on your website
  • Build trust by showing researchers your Bioz Stars scores and article mentions
  • Highlight your brand's value through objectivity and transparency
  • Increase your website's traffic by receiving researcher referrals from
  • Your products on will display the coveted vendor supplier indicator
For researchers, a quick check of a product's Bioz Stars score and its article mentions, is all that is needed for them to choose with confidence!
Bioz Stars
Bioz is the industry standard! When researchers choose reagents, tools, kits, instruments, consumables, and other products for their life science experiments, they look to the stars... the Bioz Stars...the world's only trusted and objective confidence scores.
  • 100% Objective (Zero Bias™)
  • 100% Transparent
  • The Industry Standard
  • 300 million Products
  • 50,000 Vendors
Your company's products are already listed on, each one with its own Bioz Stars score. Partnering with Bioz optimizes your product listings, and also readies those listings for Bioz Badges.
"What previously took me months to find when working on a new experiment, I found in mere minutes with Bioz."
- Professor Giles Plant
Bioz Badges
Bioz Badges are dynamic iFrame widgets that display your products' Bioz Stars scores and article mentions. Placing Bioz Badges on your website will increase your sales conversion!
Researchers love our badges, as they make it easy for them to see how frequently your products were used in the past by other researchers who conducted similar experiments. Choosing a life science tool with confidence has never been easier!
Each badge is served from Bioz servers via proprietary APIs, and includes structured data that is specific to the product that is displayed in the badge. We offer several badge variants, with the most popular badge variant including the following data elements:
  • Bioz Stars score (the algorithmic confidence score of the product)
  • Number of distinct citations (mentions) that the product received in peer-reviewed articles
  • Article citations (sentences that mention your product) with links to the full-text PDFs
  • Link to the product details webpage (full list of article citations and protocol conditions)
Partner Program Plans
Our customer-friendly pricing allows you to select the right plan for your business.
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan
Brand Exposure + Referrals
Silver Plan + Sales Conversion
Gold Plan + Market Insights
Bioz Badges
Data Analytics
Bioz Badges
Increased Sales Conversions
Link to Full-Text Articles
Automatic Citation Updating
Dynamic Opening/Closing iFrame Badge
Plug-and-Play Installation of Code
Customizable Look-and-Feel
Increased Time-On-Page (SEO Benefit)
Improved User Experience Search Results Pages
A.I. Structured Experimentation Data
Bioz Stars Scores for Cited Products
Bioz vStars Scores for Uncited Products
Researcher Referrals to Home Page
Researcher Referrals to Product Pages
Verified Vendor Indicator
Sponsored Positioning
Backlinks (SEO Benefit) Product Detail Pages
A.I. Structured Experimentation Data
Bioz Stars Scored for Cited Products
Bioz vStars Scores for Uncited Products
Researcher Referrals to Home Page
Researcher Referrals to Product Pages
Verified Vendor Indicator
Vendor Logo
Vendor Profile
Ad Banner
Catalog Specs
Link to Home Page
Link to Promotions Page
Competitor Blocking
Backlinks (SEO Benefit)
Data Analytics Reports
Vendor Products
Market Landscape
Geographic Segmentation
You are in good company
Bioz is the industry standard! Joining Bioz places you in good company, alongside premier life science tool vendors that are rapidly adopting the latest and most effective digital marketing technologies.

"We've only just started working with Bioz and are already seeing a positive impact. Our sales team is sharing the badge information with prospective customers who are using the objective ranking to influence purchase decisions."
- Bill Campbell, VP Marketing at Covaris
The Bioz platform and its advanced A.I. technology is backed by 3 Nobel Prize winners, mathematicians, data science experts from Google, and the former CTO of Microsoft.
Bioz is the world's most objective and trusted recommendation engine for life science products! Join today...expand your digital life science marketing footprint.