Bioz Expands Its Badge Program to Increase Life Science Product Marketing ROI

LOS ALTOS, Calif. - July 25, 2019 (3:00 am PT)

Bioz, Inc., a Silicon Valley AI data company for life science research and recipient of the prestigious Gartner Cool Vendor award, is excited to announce the expansion of its Bioz Badges program to further increase the ROI of life science product marketing. With Bioz Badges, life science suppliers, distributors, and marketplaces can add article-based product recommendations and supporting use-cases to their websites, all coming from the award-winning life science search engine. The Badges are advanced, dynamically updating content syndication widgets that provide suppliers with the opportunity to display their product use-cases, build buyer confidence, and increase sales. The product use-cases, which include validation data, article snippets, article images, and Bioz Stars product recommendation scores, are live-streamed from Bioz cloud-servers into both the search engine and Bioz Badges, ensuring data recency and ease of Badge implementation.

The data that is displayed within the Badges is supported by the search engine, the most comprehensive and objective platform for life science research products and services, with expansive structured content covering 300 million products from 50,000 suppliers. This unique, highly-valuable, and constantly-updating life science content platform is the result of years of advanced artificial intelligence software development by Bioz, using cutting-edge proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

It is well-documented and broadly acknowledged that product use, as mentioned in life science journal publications, is the number one attribute that drives the purchase of life science reagents, kits and instruments by researchers. Bioz supports researchers in their product-selection and purchase work-flow by using its advanced AI to identify, extract, and summarize each supplier's product use-cases from within trusted peer-reviewed life science journal publications. The platform, and by extension, the Bioz Badges service, showcase these use-cases, guiding researchers in academia and biopharma towards the best products and services to purchase and use in their research experiments.

A key benefit of Bioz Badges is that they support researcher decision-making at the very moment when a researcher is visiting a supplier's website. Moreover, the presence of Bioz Badges on the product detail pages and/or search results pages of supplier websites increases researcher confidence in the reagent, instrument or tool of interest, at a time when they are making their product selection.

Bioz Badges were designed to be intuitive recommendation widgets that not only contain the most relevant and objective supporting content, but they also have built-in dynamic controls, allowing researchers to dive even deeper into each product's use-cases, which drives transparency and more effective decision-making. By guiding researchers towards the best products and services for their research experiments, Bioz is driving faster discoveries, more successful experimentation, and lower research costs.

For product and service suppliers, distributors, and marketplaces, Bioz Badges display article-based product and service validation information to increase researcher trust, to provide a superior user experience, and to increase sales conversion. The badges also provide valuable SEO benefits in the form of increased time-on-page and higher domain-authority. The newly released expanded Bioz Badges service further enhances the ability of suppliers to leverage the power of Bioz, with more badge options, full customization, iFrame and API code options, and the included white-glove, turn-key implementation service.

Bioz Badges are offered in several configurations:

Bioz Mini Badges and Bioz Micro Badges- dynamic iFrame widgets that display each product's Bioz Stars score. The Bioz Stars scoring system adheres to Bioz' principled approach of ZERO BIAS®, which is based on a multi-parameter scientific algorithm that factors in the number of article mentions that a product or service has received, the date of the article, the journal's impact factor, and additional weighted parameters. These compact badges give researchers immediate and objective evidence that the product or service being considered had previously worked successfully for other researchers, and the likelihood of this product or service also working successfully for them. The Mini and Micro Badges are normally displayed by suppliers on their search results webpages, making them visible to researchers early in their decision-making process, while the larger Bioz Original Badges and Image Badges are normally displayed by suppliers on their product detail pages (PDPs).

Bioz Original Badges and Bioz Image Badges - dynamic iFrame widgets that include extensive structured product information, including the Bioz Stars score, article citations (snippets from within the body of full-text scientific articles), images from articles, and image figure legends. These advanced badges enrich supplier webpages with in-depth, product-specific details around usage-context, presented with the full-transparency of supporting articles. These larger data-rich badges add objective confidence-inspiring information that supports the researcher's buying process and increases their product selection confidence.

"I am very proud to provide researchers with unique evidence-based product-specific data," said Dr. Karin Lachmi, co-founder and CSO of Bioz, also adding that "whether a researcher visits the search engine or views a Bioz Badge on a supplier's or marketplace's website, they can quickly and easily benefit from viewing objective product recommendations, coming from peer-reviewed scientific articles, the information source that researchers trust most." Dr. Lachmi further added that "the articles, citations, and images that are displayed within Bioz Badges enhance the transparency and objectivity of product selection, thereby increasing research success and powering discovery around the world in both academia and biopharma."

About Bioz, Inc. Bioz is the world's most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, empowering scientists in biopharma and academia to accelerate their research towards new discoveries. Bioz guides scientists to the most-validated and cost-effective products to use in their experiments by providing them with evidence-based product recommendations. These recommendations have been reverse-engineered from real-world experiments, as described in over 500 million pages of scientific text from peer-reviewed articles. The result:, the world's most comprehensive source of life science product recommendations and experimentation guidance, covering over 300 million products, 50,000 suppliers, 16 million images, and over 7 billion protocol conditions and associated techniques, enabling researchers to work faster and more cost-effectively, generating more successful and impactful outcomes.

Bioz AI was developed by an experienced team of software engineers, led by AI experts from Microsoft and Google and Nobel Prize winners in chemistry. The technology incorporates proprietary, cutting-edge NLP, ML, neural networks, deep learning, and domain-specific named-entity recognition, entity matching, and entity linking algorithms. What used to take scientists months, now takes them mere minutes with Bioz, 82 times faster than before. By accelerating the pace of experiments, Bioz is accelerating the pace of drug discovery by as much as 50%, which translates into billions of research dollars saved, and revenue being realized faster through earlier drug approval. With objectivity, transparency, and trustworthiness, Bioz empowers researchers in the top 25 biopharma companies and in more than 17,000 academic institutions in 196 countries.

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