Professional Services and Data Analytics

Bioz offers advanced data analytics services with comprehensive reports that include unique insights.

Our actionable insights allow you to: (1) optimize sales focus and activities, (2) improve and identify target marketing opportunities, and (3) increase the comfort level of your users when ordering products. The following reports are available, with an option for further report customization based on your requirements:

Product Report:

This report is focused on helping you learn which of your products are popular with researchers, and how well your products perform in scientific experimentation. This report will allow you to identify which articles support your products, and place a reference to these articles within your product listings, in order to increase customer confidence.

Product-to-Product Report:

This report identifies which products are commonly used together with your products. This information will help you to optimize kit-building and bundling, and provide opportunities to market and upsell related products to your customers.

Assay-to-Product Report:

This report provides assay and associated product usage details. These insights will facilitate focused product marketing efforts aimed at specific labs and researchers.

Product Usage Trends Report:

This report provides product popularity over time. Knowing which of your products is increasing or decreasing in popularity will help you adjust marketing efforts to optimize sales.

Geographic Distribution Report:

This report provides product popularity within geographic regions. Knowing the distribution of usage within different regions will provide insights that will help determine regional marketing efforts.

Competitive Intelligence Report:

This report provides detailed information on which of your competitors’ products are being used by researchers. This information will provide highly targeted advertising opportunities.

Brand Monitoring Report:

This report lets you know when your products are mentioned by researchers in a newly published article. This information will provide real-time product usage insights.

Unique Products Report:

25% of reagents used by life-sciences researchers are obtained via an MTA, which is a long drawn-out process that is frustrating for researchers. Bioz can identify popular unique products that you may want to consider offering for sale. Capturing part of this “hidden” market opens new revenue generation opportunities.

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