Bioz Announces New Bioz Stars Technology, the World's First Unbiased Rating System for Life Science Products

Disruptive Software Startup Guides Researchers in Selecting Life Science Products for Experimentation with Objective, Peer-Reviewed Rating System - an Industry-First

PALO ALTO, Calif. - Nov. 1, 2016

Bioz, Inc., developers of the world's first search engine for life science experimentation, today announced the release of its latest Bioz Stars technology. Bioz Stars is a fully objective product rating system that accelerates scientific discovery.

"Researchers have been asking for an easier eCommerce purchasing process for laboratory products that would provide simple, evidence-supported comparison between competing brands and products," stated Frost & Sullivan Senior Life Science Industry Analyst Christi Bird. "The Bioz Stars platform fills that void, serving as an ideal starting place for laboratories to research products."

Bioz' proprietary, multi-parameter algorithmic rating system is based on over a billion data points that have been extracted from tens of millions of peer-reviewed scientific articles using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. The algorithm's parameters are weighted and normalized.

The new Bioz Stars technology further enhances the industry's first and only unbiased rating system that is already in use by scientists around the world to help them quickly identify the best reagents, instruments, equipment and consumables for their experiments. The Bioz platform incorporates Bioz Star ratings to help guide researchers towards making the best, most well informed and transparent decisions possible, ensuring that their future experiments are better, quicker and more cost-effective.

"The volume of reagents, consumables, equipment and instruments available for purchase is daunting," said Dr. Shai Saroussi, Postdoctoral researcher at the Carnegie Institution at Stanford University. "With so many product options on the market from countless vendors, choosing the product that will work best in an experiment is painstaking. Once I started using the Bioz search engine, my research was transformed. Moreover, the integrated Bioz Stars product ratings are unbiased and based on millions of previously published peer-reviewed life science articles, allowing me to quickly and efficiently identify the best products for my experiments, helping me to conduct better, faster and more cost-effective research."

Life science researchers in academia and biopharma spend $80 billion annually to purchase millions of products for their experiments -- from reagents to consumables to instruments and equipment. Many products, antibodies being a key example, have extremely high failure rates, leading to research delays and stalled drug discovery. Prior to Bioz Stars, there was not an easy way for researchers to either anticipate poorly performing and incompatible products, or to compare and select the best products to use in their specific assays and experiments.

The new Bioz Stars technology release, available to users today, incorporates both new and enhanced rating parameters, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Product Mentions Index (product popularity relative to corpus)
  • Article Recency (date of the article from where entity was extracted)
  • Journal Impact Factor (as published annually by Thomson Reuters)
  • Article Citation Strength (citation count related to extracted entity mentions)
  • Efficacy Factor (entity popularity within category relative to corpus average)
  • Tendency Factor (entity popularity relative to category average)
  • Timeline Slope Factor (product usage timeline trend anomaly adjustment)
  • Product Recency (product age relative to corpus)
  • OEM Factor (original manufacturer weighting adjustment)

"The new features incorporated into our game-changing Bioz Stars rating system allow for unprecedented insights for life science researchers around the world who are planning their experiments," said Dr. Karin Lachmi, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Bioz. "At Bioz, we are continually looking for ways to improve the quality of scientific experimentation and ultimately speed up drug discovery and finding cures for diseases. Technology such as this, that helps scientists compare products for experimentation, was sorely lacking during my time as a researcher at Stanford University. We strive to have the Bioz Stars ratings technology align itself as closely as possible with how researchers actually think when deciding which products to use in their experiments."

The Bioz platform and Bioz Stars are available free to researchers and scientists. Visit , and start using Bioz today to find the best products for your experiments.

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Bioz, Inc. offers the world's first search engine for life science experimentation. The patent-pending software platform combines the work of scientists with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to help life scientists in academia and biopharma make faster and smarter experimentation decisions, ultimately speeding up drug discovery and increasing the rate of success in finding cures for diseases. Founded in 2013 by Stanford research scientist, Karin Lachmi, Ph.D., and CEO Daniel Levitt, Bioz is a StartX accelerator company. Bioz is used by 60,000 researchers from over 5,000 universities and companies in 175 countries. Try Bioz at

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