Alomone Labs Collaborates With Bioz to Strengthen Research Capabilities Through the Innovative Integration of Scientific Citations

PALO ALTO, Calif., December 12, 2023 (

Bioz, Inc., a pioneering AI software company dedicated to advancing life science research, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Alomone Labs, a renowned global manufacturer and provider of premium research reagents, specializing in ion channels research. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of empowering researchers with cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions.

As part of this collaboration, Bioz is integrating its revolutionary Bioz Badges into Alomone Labs' digital infrastructure, providing researchers with an enhanced decision-making tool backed by comprehensive scientific application data. The badges are digital web widgets that live directly on individual product pages, and display publication citation data directly related to Alomone's products. The introduction of Bioz Badges equips users with valuable insights into the reliability and efficacy of specific products, facilitating seamless research processes and informed choices.

Raya Greenberger, Marketing Communications Manager at Alomone Labs, shares that, "Bioz Badges have been a valuable addition to our website, providing guidance and validation to our customers. Researchers are now able to quickly filter through Alomone's product citations to further their purchasing decisions, and in turn their discoveries."

The incorporation of Bioz Badges into Alomone Labs' platform reinforces a shared commitment to driving innovation and excellence in research. This collaboration represents a significant step towards setting new industry benchmarks, and ensuring that researchers have access to the most reliable and impactful products and services available on the market.

About Bioz, Inc.

Bioz, Inc. is a leading AI-driven search engine designed to streamline life science experimentation. Offering evidence-based product ratings and recommendations, Bioz empowers scientists in the biopharma and academic sectors with the tools necessary to navigate complex research challenges and drive meaningful discoveries. Bioz's comprehensive suite of solutions includes Bioz Badges and Content Hubs, which are seamlessly integrated into product supplier websites to enhance user engagement and facilitate sales conversion.


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